Become a Franchise Owner

Sentry CO2 ExtinguisherFireMaster® directly provides fire suppression system and equipment installation and service in fourteen (14) different regions of nine states - Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming. The overwhelming majority of this business involves services provided by FireMaster® technicians who are franchise owners. In general, a FireMaster® service franchisee purchases the right to perform a specific category of fire protection services to customers of FireMaster® located within an exclusive geographic territory defined by zip codes.  Franchisees perform services using our model and procedures at our customers’ facilities, according to applicable federal, state and local laws or regulations and industry standards.  A franchise is granted for one or more categories including portable extinguishers, kitchen system service, kitchen exhaust cleaning, exit and emergency lights service, extinguisher training, industrial systems service, and mining vehicle system service.

What does it mean to be a Franchise Owner?

R-102 AUTOMANIt means you are self-employed and free to work as hard as you want to make the living you deserve. FireMaster® provides you with back office administrative, clerical and bookkeeping support and assistance which allow you to focus on delivery of professional, quality services to existing customers and to solicit new business in your territory. You must perform all services according to  all federal, state and local “AHJ” (authority having jurisdiction) laws and regulations, standards or guidelines, including the National Fire Protection Association (“NFPA”), International Fire Code and other industry codes that may apply. You will obtain the proper state or local licenses or certifications, including manufacturers’ certifications,  for the type services you will provide.  You must also adhere to all FireMaster® procedures and operating guidelines in delivering the services. If you grow and need assistance then you may hire employees to assist you in providing services and expanding your revenues and market penetration within your authorized territory. Generally, you manage your own work yourself.

You turn in your completed work weekly to the local office and all processing and invoicing is handled by FireMaster®.  You will receive a percentage of the revenues generated from your services provided to customers at the agreed gross profits percentage contained in your franchise agreement.  This percentage share of revenues varies based on the subcategory of services you provide.  We record and report to you multiple times each week the results of your franchise operations based on the invoicing of weekly turn-ins you provide us and the expenses incurred for Sales Orders (“SO”) issued for products you purchase from us.

After years of operating your franchise business and growing your franchise territory, your FireMaster® franchise may develop value as a going business concern. Your FireMaster® franchise agreement allows a franchisee, in compliance with certain conditions or requirements, to sell, assign or transfer the franchise agreement and territory to a qualified, competent and licensable party who is capable of performing the required fire protection services and successfully operating the franchise business.

If you are a licensed fire suppression technician or mechanically inclined and seeking greater opportunities, a FireMaster® service franchise may be right for you. Generally, other than securing appropriate licenses or certifications, all that is required is an appropriate service vehicle and standard tools and equipment for performing the designated services.  Please see below for how you can obtain further information about a potential FireMaster® franchise opportunity. 

FireMaster is a member of the International Franchise Association and participates in IFA’s VetFran Program, which provides special financial incentives to qualified veterans.


Need More Information?

FireMaster® regularly offers a 30 minute webinar that discusses how the franchise program works.  You can signup on right side of this page to attend a session.  After the webinar you can converse with the company about opportunities in your area.

After it is determined that you may be a good fit for the program we may offer to send you our “FireMaster® Franchise Disclosure Document” (“FDD”).  The FDD is like an investment “prospectus” and describes certain required information about the Company, our officers and managers, our business experience and operations and the nature of the franchise opportunity that is available. It also contains discussion of the potential risks involved in investing in such a business and the nature and amount of initial capital or investment that might be required to purchase a franchise and begin operations. 

New franchise opportunities are available in most markets for specific categories of services or product codes. We believe opportunities also exist to possibly purchase an existing franchise in many markets. Complete the form on the right side of this page to send a request to the local regional franchise relations manager. We will then contact you to discuss your situation.


I am a licensed or certified technician and am seeking employment rather than a franchise. Do you have employee technicians?

Yes we do. Our use of employee technician is limited but we do have some. Many times we employ technicians temporarily until we develop enough business in a particular territory to grant a franchise. We also sometimes have permanent technician positions that are used to assist busy franchise owners with their backlog. Use the form on the right sidebar of this page to submit your information and we will contact you if we have opportunities.

Become a FireMaster Franchise Owner