Observation Cameras for Vehicle Blind Spot Protection and Observation

Observation CamerasIn addition to the fire suppression products we offer, we handle a line of camera systems for back-up and blind spot protection and observation. We recommend that all mobile equipment be equipped with appropriate cameras to eliminate blind spots for operators. These camera systems can range from a very simple one camera system to assist an operator in safely backing up a vehicle, to control room camera systems that allow an operator in a central location to observe remote or unmanned machinery or operations.

Typical mobile camera applications are:

  • Drag lines, rearward operator visibility, man way visibility, observation of lube rooms, ropes, boom and collector 
  • Haul Trucks, front rear and side visibility 
  • Shovels, trailing cables, side and rear visibility 
  • Loaders, rear and side visibility 
  • Specialty applications - if you want to look at it we will put a camera so you can see it

In addition we offer a full line of cameras for security and observation in plants and other facilities for interior or exterior monitoring.

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